Big Game Hunting in 1910

                   Hunted and Caught                         
Stroud and Sidney Milsom were very close to each other and, being wealthy gentlemen 'of independent means', were easily able to venture into the then little known territories of East Africa for adventure.  I am ashamed to say that my grandfather Stroud and his brother Sidney played a significant part in the hunting and killing of large wild animals and I have often pondered whether, if alive today, they would think more carefully about their destructive 'games'.  

Written by them both, but mostly by Sidney, is an account of their 'exciting adventures' when they went Big Game Shooting in East Africa which, whilst horrendous in my 21st century viewpoint, makes for interesting reading.  I am in no way proud of my grandfather's 'achievements', or of the numerous 'trophies' that he arranged to be sent to Bath for display in the City Club in Milsom Street (1)!   Having said that, I guess it was a different time back then, when young wealthy gentleman had nothing better to do than fulfil their testosterone-fuelled hunting trips for nothing more than mere prestige!   It would however not be too long before they were asked to 'hunt' a different type of prey altogether.