Barriere Valley Ranch (British Columbia)

Barriere Valley Ranch  
In 1911 my Grandfather Stroud Milsom and two of his brothers set off on another adventure.  They travelled to a somewhat unpopulated and largely undiscovered piece of British Columbia, Canada, where they staked their claim on two plots of land in Barriere, north of Kamloops and set about building a 'ranch'.  In time, this became known locally as Milsom's Lodge and played host to many dances and balls. 

Barrière and Kamloops, British Columbia

The article below was written by my Aunt Colleen Milsom and appears on p223 of the historical booklet Exploring our Roots: North Thompson Valley McLure to Little Fort - and my sincere thanks go out to Ann Ramage of Clearwater, BC for providing this valuable information. 


NB: Early in 2020 I was very fortunate to have been contacted by Ruth Slavichak, (as mentioned at the top of the above article).  Ruth has very kindly provided some further interesting items, which I am hoping to add to this page in due course. My sincere thanks to Ruth for all her knowledge and assistance with my Barriere project. 

I am in the process of researching the Gallagher and Tunbridge families mentioned in the article and will update this page soon.  In the meantime, note the skins and animal heads adorning the walls of the ranch ... these were the 'spoils' of Stroud and Sidney's 1910 hunting expedition in Africa