Anthony Robert Clifford Milsom 1932 -

My father, Tony Milsom, and his father Stroud Eric Milsom (see the link below "Stroud Eric Milsom" parted company when Dad was merely 4 years old, following a very difficult time in the middle of the 1930's.  Dad was then raised predominately by Henry Hurl Humphries and his wife Mabel Alice Amor, who had remained childless during their long marriage.   This was an extremely happy time for everyone, especially Dad, and he was beloved by Uncle Hurl and his entire family, both in the UK and Canada (where Hurl's brother and his family lived).  As Dad is now coming up for 88 years of age, I shall refrain from adding any further information regarding him for the time being but you may enjoy the photographs below of him at various times of his life (to date).
Dad with his mother, Gertrude (Nanny) Milsom nee Croft 
with his best friend to this very day, Tony Guest   with his cousin, Peter Yates at Brean Down: Uncle Hurls chalet in the dunes  
with his guardian, Mabel Humphries  who remembers Viscount Cigarettes?  
a rare day for relaxing  attending a ball in Bath with soon to be wife, Ann Fox 
President of the Bath Bowling Club  Proudly standing with his wife and three daughters, Janet, Kathryn and Sally (myself)  
Dad with 2nd Grand-daughter 2014