Kate Isabel Melsome (1867-1948) 2nd wife of Francis Milsom

Following the death of Agnes (Francis' first wife) at the tender age of 30, Francis found himself in a very sad and difficult position, with responsibility of raising five pre-school age sons single-handedly.  It was not too long therefore before he married for a second time and that was to Kate Isabel Melsome on 17th June 1891.  The 1891 Census shows her living at The Cedars, Sion Hill, Bath with Francis and the children.

The 1881 Census shows Kate aged 13 living at Farm House, Stockton, Wiltshire with her parents, Richard William Melsome and Sophia (nee Dean) 
and her nine siblings.  Kate's father was a landowner with 1,200 acres of farmland and employing 12 men and 9 boys from the local area.  The census also indicates wealth in this family as they also employed a governess, nursemaid, cook and housemaid. 

Kate and Francis had one son, Edward Winfrid born in 1893 and more can be seen about Edward by clicking his name on the right hand sidebar. 

On 8th March 1921 Kate and Francis Milsom boarded the Elders & Fyffes steamship Changuinola at Avonmouth, Bristol and set sail for Kingston, Jamaica.  Travelling with them were other wealthy residents of Bristol and Bath of that time, namely; John Mitchell Harris and Henry Reginald Wansbrough and his daughter Gwendoline Gladys Down. 

Kate was widowed  in 1937 and lived a further 12-years until her death on 31st December 1948.  Probate announcement shows that her effects amounted to £33,578.14s.9d.