Henry Milsom (1761-1821)


This extract from Burke's Peerage and showing the 'apparent' lineage for my family.  However, it appears after further research that Burke's may perhaps be misleading.  Extensive research over the past twenty odd years indicates that the Milsom who owned land at Milsom's Garden and Town Acre in the City of Bath during the 18th century was one Daniel Milsom and his son Charles.  Research continues at this time to try and ascertain definitive evidence that my Milsom family does indeed descend from the Milsoms associated with Milsom Street, Bath. 

Henry Milsom was born in 1761 and married Mary Ann Pope on 4 May 1789 at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Westminster.  Despite over 24-years of research we have been frustratingly unable to definitely identify Henry's parentage.  It is thought that his father/grandfather was Daniel Milsom but as I say, not definitively proven.  There is evidence that in 1796 following the death of one Henry Sandford (a comfortably wealthy man of fifty-seven, and owner of a large family estate in Castlerea, County Roscommon, IrelandHenry leased No. 1 Royal Crescent, Bath and ran the establishment as a Lodging House.  Given his presumed parentage and link to the era of John Wood creator of the Royal Crescent, is in itself of interest.  

Henry and Mary Ann had a son, Charles who was born in 1800 in Bath, Somerset on 8 May 1800.