The Beginning

I hope you enjoy browsing my Milsom Family site and perhaps even find information that may help to unlock some of your own genealogy mysteries. I am endeavouring to regularly add all the various pieces of information that my daughter and I have gleaned over the past 26 years or so of research, so please ensure you don't miss anything - maybe even add the site to your favourites to you can easily navigate back here.

My interest in genealogy began following the death of my paternal grandmother in the winter of 1984. Affectionately known as 'Nan' to all who knew her, she had lived with us since the end of the 1960's when she became unable to take good care of herself. 'Us' comprised my two sisters and our parents and we three girls were brought up in a relatively strict Victorian-type atmosphere in a lovely home in Bath. I refer to this because for as far back as I can remember we were continually being reminded of our heritage by the various elderly 'aunts' and 'uncles' that passed through our lives. Good etiquette, correct diction, impeccable manners and above all the pride of the Milsom heritage were instilled in us from day one.

In the years following Nan's death I began to feel compelled to investigate more about our family and whether in fact we were indeed linked to Milsom Street in Bath and of the music/pianoforte shop C. Milsom & Sons, as had been so consistently drummed into us.

My father was an only child and sired three daughters, which therefore made him potentially the last male of this perhaps once famous Bath family. It was this fact that propelled me into researching the Milsom history.
(Following the death of my Great Uncle Professor Stroud Francis Charles Milsom in February 2016, 
my father Anthony Robert Clifford Milsom became the last living male of the Milsom Family of Bath) 


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